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Experience Complete Healthy Hair Treatment: All You Need for Vibrant, Lustrous Hair.

Regeneration and strengthening are extremely important for maintaining healthy, thick and shiny hair. This is why, GR-7 Professional is proud to introduce a revolutionary set of products with vitamins for healthy hair, specially formulated with natural ingredients that nourish hair from the roots to the tips, resulting in fuller, stronger and shinier hair.

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GR-7 Natural Nourishing Shampoo

Strengthen your hair with every wash!

GR-7 Professional presents a natural shampoo, specially formulated to nourish and moisturize your hair. Our shampoo effectively cleanses hair while also energizing and restructuring it, leaving it with a healthy shine and improved condition. With only natural ingredients, it’s gentle on hair and scalp, and suitable for all hair types. Experience the difference with GR-7 Professional shampoo and achieve the healthy, beautiful hair you’ve always wanted. It has a delicate, light unisex scent, leaving your hair feeling and smelling great!

GR-7 Complex Hair Support

Strenghten your hair from the inside out!

Supply your hair with the essential vitamins, minerals, and microelements it needs for healthy growth with Supplement Complex Hair Support. This dietary supplement, acting from the inside, effectively helps regulate hormonal balance and promotes thick, nourished hair with a natural color and strong growth. Enrich your hair from the inside with our comprehensive hair support dietary supplement!

A comprehensive treatment


GR-7 Professional’s Natural Nourishing Shampoo and Complex Hair Support are the perfect duo for achieving healthy, beautiful hair. When used together, they provide a comprehensive approach to hair care.

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  • GR-7 Complex Hair Support Supplement - 60 capsules

    GR-7 Complex Hair Support | 60 capsules

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The perfect combination 

Regular use of our healthy hair treatment ensures proper growth of strong hair. Our Natural Nourishing Shampoo effectively cleanses and moisturizes hair while providing a boost of natural ingredients to nourish and strengthen hair. The Complex Hair Support dietary supplement, on the other hand, supplies your hair with the essential vitamins, minerals, and microelements it needs for healthy growth, promoting thick, nourished hair and strong growth.

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Experience the transformation with GR-7 Professional

Effective ways to strengthen your hair

  • Mitigate and effectively stop hair loss.
  • Stimulate the growth of new hair.
  • Protect against mechanical and physical damage.
  • Strengthen the hair, give it volume and improve its structure.
  • Normalize the hormonal balance, positively affecting the condition of the hair.
  • Help maintain the natural and expressive colour of the hair.
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Begin your journey with GR-7 Today!

Choosing GR-7 Professional’s healthy hair treatment means choosing natural and scientifically validated solutions. Whether you’re facing hair greying, hair loss, or just want healthier hair our products offer an effective and trustworthy solution.

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