GR-7 for gray hair. Let’s debunk some misconceptions!

As with many innovative products on the market, some myths have started to form around GR-7 Professional. Therefore, we have collected the most common questions of our clients, as well as specialists from hairdressing salons and trichology clinics - in a short summary...

Eurofins Certification Report

The effectiveness of GR-7 Professional is certified by scientific tests conducted Eurofins Scientific, world leader in bioanalytical tests. Read the full report here.  

Greying hair – a problem that can be solved in a natural way!

Greying hair - a problem that can be solved in a natural way! If the first white streaks appear on your head, it is a sign that it is worth taking some action to stop the greying of your hair. There are many products on the market - people suffering from premature...

Grey hair at a young age – what to do? GR-7 liquid is the answer!

For some, it is simply incredible how twenty-year-old people can even talk about greying hair - after all, it is the worry of their parents and grandparents! They could not be more wrong - grey hair, although it is a sign of the age, does not affect everyone in the...

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