GR-7 for grey hair. Let’s debunk some myths!

As with many innovative products on the market, some myths have started to form around GR-7 Professional. In order to answer and debunk them, we have collected the most common questions from our clients. In this short summary, we will try to dispel doubts about this...

Eurofins Certification Report

The effectiveness of GR-7 Professional is certified by scientific tests conducted Eurofins Scientific, world leader in bioanalytical tests. Read the full report here.  

Greying hair – a problem that can be solved in a natural way!

Greying hair - a problem that can be solved in a natural way! If the first white streaks appear on your head, it is a sign that it is worth taking some action to stop the greying of your hair. There are many products on the market - people suffering from premature...

Grey hair at a young age – what to do? GR-7 liquid is the answer!

For some, it is simply incredible how twenty-year-old people can even talk about greying hair - after all, it is the worry of their parents and grandparents! They could not be more wrong - grey hair, although it is a sign of the age, does not affect everyone in the...

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