During the initial treatment stage, GR-7 should be used at least once a day (for faster results you can use it twice – in the morning and evening). First changes to the colour usually appear after the first 7 days of use. It is also important to avoid washing or wetting your hair because this will hinder progress.

Depending on various factors (e.g. the amount of grey hair) it usually takes between 14 to 21 days to fully regain the natural hair colour.


The effectiveness of GR-7 has been confirmed by independent testing laboratory Eurofins, as well as thousands of our clients in over 50 countries. GR-7 really works, however, the person undergoing the treatment MUST BE SYSTEMATIC.  Please apply GR-7 according to instructions (shake the bottle before each use, rub it into your scalp. GR-7 will not be effective if only used on hair.)

It may seem like a challenge, but the reward is definitely worth it!