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Combat hair-loss with GR-7 Anti Hair-Loss Lotion and GR-7 Complex Hair Support.

At GR-7 Professional, we understand the challenges and emotional toll of hair loss. That’s why we’ve dedicated ourselves to developing effective hair loss treatments. Our products, GR-7 Anti Hair-Loss Lotion and GR-7 Complex Hair Support (CHS), embody our commitment to offering a natural, scientifically-backed solution to this common problem.

GR-7 anti hair loss lotion
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GR-7 Anti Hair-Loss Lotion

Our dual action formula.

We advocate a two-pronged approach to hair loss treatment. Using our GR-7 Anti Hair Loss Lotion in tandem with our GR-7 Complex Hair Support, this strategy ensures comprehensive care – tackling hair loss externally with our lotion and reinforcing hair health internally with our nutritional supplement. This dual-action formula is what sets our products apart in the hair care industry.

Our Approach to Hair Loss


Hair loss can stem from various factors, including genetics, environmental stressors, and nutritional deficiencies. We believe in addressing these root causes to effectively combat hair loss. Our products are crafted to support hair health from the root, ensuring long-lasting and visible results.

The Power of GR-7 Anti Hair-Loss Lotion

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Our Hair-Loss Lotion is at the forefront of our hair loss treatment range. This lotion is formulated with a blend of natural ingredients, each chosen for their proven benefits in stimulating hair growth and reducing hair thinning. Regular application of our lotion nourishes the scalp and revitalises hair follicles, leading to improved hair density and strength.

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Fight hair loss from the inside:
GR-7 Complex Hair Support

Complementing our lotion, GR-7 Complex Hair Support (CHS) is more than just a nutritional supplement; it’s a targeted approach to hair health.

Containing Phosphatidic acid – Phospha-Max™/Novastell, a key ingredient known for its hair-nourishing properties, CHS is packed with essential nutrients crucial for healthy hair growth.

Full of natural ingredients selected specifically to target hair loss, this formulation not only bridges nutritional gaps but also plays an integral role in fostering strong, healthy hair from the inside out.

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Customer Experiences

Experience the transformation with GR-7 Professional

Trust in GR-7 Professional to guide you on your journey to overcoming hair loss. Our Hair-Loss Lotion and Complex Hair Support (CHS) are not just products; they are a testament to our dedication to merging science with nature in the pursuit of optimal hair health.

Scientific Integrity and Proven Results

At GR-7 Professional, we are grounded in scientific research. Our products are not only inspired by nature but are also supported by scientific evidence. The effectiveness of our products is reflected in the countless testimonials from our satisfied customers who have experienced significant improvements in their hair’s health and appearance.

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Begin your journey with GR-7 Today!

Opting for GR-7 Professional’s hair loss treatment means choosing a path of natural, scientifically validated solutions. Our dedication to quality and customer satisfaction has established us as a leader in hair care solutions. Whether you’re facing the early stages of hair thinning or more advanced hair loss, our products offer a trustworthy and effective treatment option.

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