GR-7 Professional for grey hair. Let’s debunk some myths!

As with many innovative products on the market, some myths have started to form around GR-7 Professional. In order to answer and debunk them, we have collected the most common questions from our clients.

In this short summary, we will try to dispel doubts about this product and explain why GR-7 is the best way to reverse grey hair!

How does it cover up grey hair? Does GR-7 Professional work instantly, like hair dye?

Hair dyes are usually the go-to product for anyone who needs to quickly cover up grey hair. GR-7 Professional however is NOT a hair dye, and works in a different way. GR-7 Professional is a liquid that allows regain the natural hair colour. As opposed to hair dyes, that only “cover” grey hair, it works from the hair roots. GR-7 penetrates through the scalp and actively nourishes it. Colouring solutions, like dyes or colouring shampoos, have pigments that only dye the surface of the hair. GR-7 Professional does not work immediately, as it does not contain such pigments. The aim of GR-7 Professional is to stimulate the production of melanin, as well as nourish the scalp, what results in hair returning to its original colour. This process has a biological basis and may take up to a few weeks, with the first results usually appearing within the first 7 days of use.

Will washing my head slow down the process?

In the first phase of use (first 3-7 days), GR-7 gradually penetrates through the scalp, which allows the product to reach the hair bulbs, where the process takes place. Washing and drying your head too often will slow this process down. Therefore, especially in the first (“restoration”) phase, hair should be washed as little as possible. In the ideal scenario, we recommend not to wash or dry your hair at all during the first 7 days, or at least every 3 days, for best effect. We admit that this is a slight disadvantage of this treatment, however the effects are worth the effort.

Once your hair goes back to its’ original colour, which on average takes about 21 days, GR-7 only needs to be applied once or twice a week to maintain the effect. The manufacturer’s advice is to leave the product in for at least 8 hours, (12 ideally) and then wash your hair. What we recommend it to apply the product before going to sleep and wash your hair in the morning.

Is GR-7 Professional is for men only…?

This is another myth. In practice, men’s and women’s hair is the same, and the same biological mechanisms cause greying. However, it is important not to use GR-7 on dyed hair, as the results will not be visible. We recommend waiting for at least a 2cm growth of your natural hair to be visible in order to start the treatment. Factors as sex or age do not affect the effectiveness of the treatment.


We hope this article has helped you understand greying, hair loss and hair care a bit more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.

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