GR-7 No More Grey Hair, Complex Hair Support & Natural Nourishing Shampoo

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Today, hair care is not only about shampoo and conditioner. One should also have a healthy diet, consider supplements and additional nutrients for the scalp. That is why in our laboratories, we have developed a family of specialized GR-7® products that comprehensively care for your hair. Thanks to our GR-7® product line, you will enjoy beautiful, shiny hair, resistant to falling out and greying.

Our products can be used in home treatment in any configuration: individually or combined. The best results are achieved when the whole GR-7 range is used together. The GR-7® product set is truly revolutionary! The range of products normalises the processes responsible for the hormonal balance, hair growth and quality. Externally, they nourish the scalp, hair bulbs, and normalise the work of sebaceous glands and sebum secretion, moisturise, and soothe all irritations. The best results are achieved long-term, by using the GR-7® product range for about 6 months.

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