What color to choose to mask grey hair? Do not dye, restore your natural hair colour

The discussion on the proper colouring of grey hair motivated us to trace this topic in more detail. In the era of looking for highly effective solutions, it becomes clear that masking grey hair with dye is not really the right solution. Hair colouring damages the hair and has a temporary effect – it also consumes a lot of time and money, and grey hair does not pass (on the contrary, it becomes more intensive). It turns out that there is a product on the market that deals with the root causes of greying. It is GR-7 Professional. What colour should I choose to cover grey hair? The answer is your own! Choosing an appropriate hair dye is so nerve-wracking. “This is not quite the colour I want, and this one has bad opinions.” “Will it be permanent?” Dozens of small but annoying uncertainties. So the question arises: what else to do if not dye my grey hair? There are two answers – learn to live with grey hair or reach for natural products that will nourish your hair and will not only restrain greying but will be able to reverse it. To explain how GR-7 Professional works, we need to understand some basic biology. Don’t worry! It’s very logical and intuitive, so if you’re interested in how it is possible to reverse greying naturally, read on! It turns out that the key culprit, responsible for greying hair on our head is melanin becoming more and more scarce. Its lack is caused genetically and if we are under a lot of stress, there is a high risk that grey hair will get us even before thirty. Deficiencies in melanin can also result from a bad lifestyle – grey hair is more likely to appear on the heads of people who are tired and stressed, who eat poorly and are prone to stimulants.

So don’t wait and bring back your natural colour to grey hair with GR-7 Professional. This revolutionary formula, based mainly on herbal extracts, has a stimulating effect on the formation of melanin. GR-7 Professional is applied directly to the scalp. This has a vital effect on our hair, which can be clearly seen after a week, when grey hair gradually regains its pigment, returning to its natural colour. GR-7 Professional is a completely safe product. The international, independent research organisation EUROFINS has confirmed the effectiveness of the formula. You can read the full report on our website. There were no side effects or allergic reactions during the tests. GR-7 Professional is also used regularly by thousands of customers across 11 countries. Have you read the opinions of GR-7 users on our Trustpilot page. The GR-7 Professional treatment usually lasts about a month, with a clear first effect visible already after one week. However, this is not a strict rule, as the producer of GR-7 Professional points out. Inhibiting greying and reversing this process is a slightly different process for every person, depending on their individual characteristics. It depends on the thickness of the scalp, how thick our hair is, and the natural colour of it. As presented, dyeing your grey hair with colouring is therefore only a half-measure in the fight against greying hair. The question of which colour to mask grey hair with seems to be a fruitless pursuit, when there are natural solutions to fight grey hair, such as GR-7 Professional, on the market.

We hope this article has helped you understand greying a bit more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.

Eurofins Certification Report

The effectiveness of GR-7 Professional is certified by scientific tests conducted Eurofins Scientific, world leader in bioanalytical tests. Read the full report here.  

Greying hair – a problem that can be solved in a natural way!

Greying hair – a problem that can be solved in a natural way!

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