What color to choose to mask grey hair? Do not dye, restore your natural hair colour

The discussion on the proper colouring of grey hair motivated us to trace this topic in a more detailed way. In the era of looking for highly effective solutions, it can be definitely stated that masking grey hair with paint is only partially accurate. Hair colouring damages the hair and has a temporary effect – it also consumes a lot of time and money, and grey hair does not disappear (on the contrary, there are more of them constantly). It turned out that there is a product on the market that copes with the causes of greying. This is the GR-7 Professional.

What colour for grey hair? My own!

How many nerves eaten in the mazes of shelves with hair dyes. Does this colour suit me? Will it cover grey hair effectively? Will it be permanent? Dozens of little uncertainties, so the question arises: do I have options other than dye? There are two answers – learn to live with grey hair or reach for natural products that will nourish your body with substances that will not only inhibit greying but will be able to reverse them.

To explain well the GR-7 Professional fluid, we had to do homework in biology. It turns out that the main culprit, responsible for the grey hair problem on our head is melanin. Its lack is caused genetically if we are burdened with grey hair, there is a high risk that it will get us even before thirty. Deficiencies in melanin can also result from a bad lifestyle – grey hair is more likely to appear in people who are tired and stressed, who eat poorly and are prone to stimulants.

Restore the natural colour to grey hair with GR-7 Professional

GR-7 Professional is a revolutionary agent among grey hair lotions. The recipe, based mainly on herbal extracts, has a stimulating effect on the formation of melanin. The GR-7 Professional liquid is applied directly to the scalp. This has a vital effect on our body, which can be clearly seen after a week, when grey hair changes its colour, returning to its natural colour.

GR-7 is a completely safe product. The international research unit EUROFINS has confirmed the effectiveness of this measure. There were no side effects or allergic reactions during the tests. The treatment with GR-7 Professional usually lasts about a month, with a clear effect visible after a week. However, this is not a rule – the producer of GR-7 Professional points out. Inhibiting greying and reversing this process is a process with different characteristics for each. It depends on the thickness of the scalp, how thick our hair is, and the natural colour of it.

Hair colouring is therefore only a half-measure in the fight against grey hair. The question of which colour to mask grey hair is right seems to be unsuccessful when there are lotions to fight grey hair, such as GR-7 Professional, on the market.