"GR-7 is much more than a business to me..."

"Starting with a head of silver hair, I fully regained my natural colour after 13 days."

"I regained much more than just my natural hair colour - I got my youth back."

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We will help you restore your true hair colour


A natural hair colour restoring liquid.

More than 90% of GR-7 Professional users fully regain their natural hair colour within 3 weeks of treatment.


Safe. Effective. Confirmed by


How does it work?

Inactive melanin

Hair bulbs contain melanin, which is responsible for the colour of your hair.

Why melanin is not active?

Stress, addictives, lifestyle, your genes: they all make melanin in your hair bulbs less effective

Here comes GR-7

It kicks melanin back into action. Naturally. You just have to let GR-7 get to your hair bulbs. 

Just give it time

In most cases, 14 days show sybstantial progress already. Three weeks is when most people will see their hair colour get back to normal. Sounds like magic? It isn’t .

Your natural colour in four simple steps

Apply to the scalp twice: in the morning and
before bed

Rub it in evenly and thoroughly onto your scalp

Avoid washing or wetting your hair for the first few days

Repeat the treatment until your natural color is restored

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… or just test it with no risk

gr-7 uk no more grey hair

Not sure? No worries!

We are so confident , that you will find GR-7 effective, that we offer to give to first time users a 50% discount on a single bottle of GR-7. Just use the TEST coupon in the checkout.

Proven effectiveness

The effectiveness of GR-7 Professional is certified by scientific tests conducted Eurofins Scientific,
world leader in bioanalytical tests.

More than 90% of GR-7 Professional users recover their natural colour after 4 weeks of treatment. View here.

GP’s statement on effectiveness (view here)


"Whatever your age. You can do it. Easily.

The better you.

The before / after gallery

Getting back your true hair colour is an emotional thing. That is why we do not have a studio session before / after photos. We just have these imperfect, but true photos of some of our customers.

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GR-7 brings true change to your look. It actually rejuvenates grey hair. I recommend it to anyone!

John M

Superb product does exactly what it says. Highly recommended. 5*

Adrian J

After a few days I was a bit skeptical how the color started changing from gray to some indefinite one but to my surprise after a few days my natural color actually started to come back 🙂 thanks to you people for the product

Thomas A

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