Shampoo for grey hair – is it effective?

The effectiveness of a given cosmetic is easy to see after how often we go back to it and how much money it is worth, for us to keep buying. In the case of grey hair, the fight does not seem to stop – a dye must be repeated constantly to effectively mask grey hair on our head. Colouring shampoos are a popular and widely available tool for temporarily covering up grey hair. In the fight against their cause, the GR-7 Professional fluid will be more effective.

Colouring shampoo vs GR-7 Professional liquid

To understand how revolutionary GR-7 Professional is in its application, we will use a simple comparative procedure. Using colour shampoos gives you a momentary sense of victory. The hair looks young again, and we with them. In practice, the same grey hair is still under the paint layer. GR-7 Professional is a product based on natural ingredients (herbal extracts), which is designed to increase the presence of melanin in our body. It is the lack of melanin that is responsible for premature greying.

If we think about it more deeply, the greying process is governed by simple biological processes. The first is genetics – grey hair is inherited. More precisely, it is about the level of melanin in our body, which is different for everyone, depending on age. GR-7 Professional allows you to increase the level of melanin, thanks to which previously grey hair returns to its original colour. There is no paint in the GR-7 Professional liquid, this agent does not work to mask grey hair but eliminates the cause of their premature appearance.

The use of GR-7 versus the use of colour shampoo

Colouring with a colour shampoo is not a cheap thing. Let us be aware that this is only a temporary option. In contrast, GR-7 Professional treatment lasts from 7 to 25 days and gives excellent results, restoring the original hair colour. This activity is confirmed by the international research unit EUROFINS. According to data from the GR-7 Professional fluid testing, among more than 20 subjects all noted the visible effect of greying back after a week. Importantly, no one reported the appearance of side effects – the product is based on natural ingredients, it is safe for allergy sufferers and the environment

Unlike colouring shampoos, GR-7 Professional is not applied to the hair, but to the scalp – it acts there, causing an increase in melanin content. The liquid is applied once or twice a day to the grey head, avoiding washing and drying it for the first week. It is worth taking care of the hygiene of life at this time: eat well, sleep and relax in appropriate proportions, as well as give up stimulants. The effects are staggering – it’s worth checking it out for yourself and effectively eliminate premature grey hair!