How to mask and cover up grey hair?

The fight with grey hair is inevitable, if we have a genetic burden, this problem will get us sometimes at a relatively young age. It is sad when we are forced to dye and damage our hair with chemicals at such an early stage. Once covered with dye, grey hair will always need periodic visits to the hairdresser. But is it really the only way to remove grey hair? After all, with the help of colouring, it is extremely difficult to get back to the natural colour. The GR-7 Professional comes to the rescue.

When our beloved hair turns grey …

Many things in our lives can turn upside down. Especially if grey hair is premature, and it is quite a popular phenomenon today – grey hair is determined not only by age but it is recorded in our genes. This is due to the level of melanin in the body. Grey hair adds age, causes dissatisfaction with your own image. Some learn to live with grey hair, others say it’s a fight for life and death.

One of the first steps we take to mask and cover up grey hair is colouring. In the long run, the use of strong chemistry dries the hair, takes away its natural look, and can also cause brittleness and loss. grey hair does not actually disappear, it is only cleverly covered with artificial colour. If we are not satisfied with masking the effect of grey hair and we are ready to eliminate the causes of grey, then the next step will be the treatment with GR-7 Professional.


Grey hair returns to its natural colour – the process of turning grey back to the natural with GR-7 Professional

It turns out that the level of melanin in the body can be raised completely naturally. The producers of the GR-7 Professional fluid, inform that the recipe is almost exclusively based on natural ingredients – extracts from native species of herbs. This mixture, applied to the scalp, stimulates melanin production. As a result, grey hair from our head gets its original colour again, greying is therefore completely reversible.

Interestingly, the effect of using GR-7 Professional is visible on the head within about a week of starting the treatment. The effectiveness is confirmed by the international research unit EUROFINS. Over 20 applicants took part in the test. Results? Everyone noticed a substantial improvement and reduction of grey after a week, the whole treatment closed in about 25 days. Equally important, no one reported side effects.


GR-7 Professional is a liquid applied once or twice a day for about a month in order to obtain a satisfactory effect. In the first phase of using the product, it is not recommended to wash or dry the head, which can be a bit uncomfortable. Melanin stimulation is also influenced by the complete withdrawal of stimulants in the form of coffee, cigarettes and alcohol. GR-7 Professional fluid is available for purchase in the form of online sales, it can also be found in good beauty and hair salons, as well as from trichology specialists.

We hope this article has helped you understand greying a bit more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.

How do I cover grey hair? Check out GR-7 Professional

How do I cover grey hair? Check out GR-7 Professional

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