How to deal with grey hair? Natural methods prevail …

It crushes mountains and curves rivers – no wonder it can also change the color of hair. Although it is a somewhat humorous definition of time, it reflects the power of nature, which is hard to overcome. Greying of hair is indispensably connected with the passing time and with the life of each of us. It turns out that today there are proven ways to stop hair from greying, and thanks to the innovative formula of GR-7 Professional, this process can even be reversed. Read on, if you want to know more about hair greying and how you can prevent it.

Gray hair at a young age

If you have suffered from fate – your hair turns gray when you are young – there is still a lot you can do to slow it down naturally. According to numerous studies, the level of melanin responsible for hair pigmentation is quite strongly dependent on the hygiene of human life. By this, we mean the lifestyle we lead and how we influence our metabolism. There are many examples, but just to mention a few of the most popular ones, our genes, stimulants, and of course stress. The old adage goes: “don’t worry because you will go grey”. There is some truth in this, as long-term effects of stressors can lead to fluctuations in melanin levels. As can, lack of sleep, poor and unbalanced diets, alcohol and drug abuse, etc. Start with the diet – add green vegetables and fruits to it. The power of vitamins and minerals contained in them will positively affect the condition of the scalp, and as a result, it may slightly inhibit hair greying. What can you do apart from diet and supplementation? The answer is physical activity. According to research, even 12 minutes of activity a day can be beneficial for health and metabolism. In addition to full-fledged sleep.

GR-7 Professional for gray hair – the second step in the natural process of reversing grey hair

Hygiene of life has already jumped to a better level? It’s great, it’s time for the second phase – a natural and effective way to treat gray hair, i.e. GR-7 Professional. Taking care of the diet, rest, and physical activity, are all natural conditions for the proper synthesis of melanin in our body. The second step is to nourish the scalp with the nutrients that come from the wild herb extract. This natural liquid for grey hair has an extremely interesting effect – it stimulates cells in the scalp to increase the amount of melanin. Effect? Gray hair returns to its natural color. Completely natural, no coloring, masking, or expensive treatments. All from the comfort of your own home! How does the GR-7 Professional work? It is a product with a natural composition, effective and tested by a specialized research unit EUROFINS. The product does not cause any side or allergic reactions, is safe for humans and has not been tested on animals. It is an environmentally neutral liquid for grey hair, which is quite important when in comparison to coloring agents and dyes. ┬áThe treatment for gray hair is a two-step process. In the first step – restoring – we work to bring the grey hair back to its natural color, which takes somewhere between 2-3 weeks. GR-7 is applied twice a day. Initially, the hair turns golden (after about 7 days), and then after about 25 days, it delivers a satisfactory effect. Then the second phase begins – maintenance. The fluid on the grey hair is then only applied once a week – in order to maintain the desired level of melanin.