Greying hair – a problem that can be solved in a natural way!

Greying hair – a problem that can be solved in a natural way!

If the first white streaks appear on your head, it is a sign that it is worth taking some action to stop the greying of your hair. There are many products on the market – people suffering from premature greying are ready to invest their money, sometimes, unfortunately, in ineffective solutions. Unfortunately, the lion’s share of the products being marketed is simply not effective. It is definitely better to go for natural methods for grey hair and enjoy the multifunctional good effects, both for your beauty and health.

Start with your menu!

Grey hair can be an effect of a bad diet. If we do not provide enough vitamins and minerals along with food to our organism, hair becomes faded, brittle, or start to fall out. Additionally, brittle nails and a sallow complexion may appear. If these effects accompany grey hair, it is a sign that it is time to make a revolution in your kitchen.

Start to choose dishes consisting of fresh fruits and vegetables. You should drink regularly, especially cocktails and juices, so your health will be stronger and it helps to refresh melanocytes – cells producing melamine, skin, and hair pigments. If there is a problem to mobilize for eating healthy, we should think about supplementation. Generally, there is a lack of medicines for grey hair, but out of the few that exist, we should choose those, which supplement us best.

Social factors, which cause premature greying

“I think I will go grey” – we often say this when we are angry or upset. That phrase has a justification. Our organism and mechanisms located in it, which are responsible for hair pigmentation, are very sensitive for bad life hygiene. It turns out that we ourselves can be the most common cause of greying (apart from genetics, of course). Chronic stress, civilization disease, lack of sleep, tension, abuse of nicotine, alcohol, and coffee – all these combinations can significantly accelerate the process of greying. So, one of the simpler advice is to take care of yourself and replace bad habits with relaxation, rest and regular sports practice. Such activities will not only allow you to win against the rapidly progressing grey hair but also have a positive effect on other systems in our body.

Natural liquid for grey hair

Not only we can stop greying of hair, but also reverse it. A Polish producer came up with this idea and launched the GR-7 Professional grey hair liquid on market. This extract of herbs activates melanin when applied to the scalp. As a result, grey hair returns to its natural color.

GR-7 Professional is a liquid for grey hair, which we apply in two ways. The first one lasts for about a month. At that time, the product is applied on the scalp once or twice a day, it is crucial to avoid washing and drying hair for about a week. During the first phase, grey hair turns on a slightly yellowish shade. That is the sign confirming that it really works. Gradually, the hair will come back to its natural colour. The objective of the second phase is to maintain this effect – during this phase, GR-7 Professional is applied only once a week to maintain proper activity of melanin.