Grey hair affecting men – an effective „method of combat”

Men are just as susceptible to premature greying as women. After turning thirty, some men start looking for self-recognition – they try to rejuvenate by experimenting with their outfits, a new sports car or changing their lifestyle in other ways. Especially, when grey hair appears on their heads, it reminds them of the passing time. An effective method of combating grey hair is the use of GR-7 Professional liquid, which we have briefly described below.

Greying  hair is a reversible process

We are not talking about visits to the Tibetan monks who will soothe our nerves while restoring hair colour. Biology is responsible for everything, although stress is not insignificant here. Our genes contain & control almost all aspects of our lives. Many phenomena, including greying, are of hereditary nature. We can get grey hair as early as twenty, or in rare cases even earlier! Premature greying is due to reduced melanin levels. It is partly written in our DNA, while in part we also cause grey hair to appear. Stress, low sleep, stimulants and other civilization diseases strongly impede the presence of melanin (responsible for hair colour) in our body.

The reversibility of grey hair, as it is not hard to guess, lies in raising melanin levels. Grey hair does not have to be cut out or dyed – it will regain its natural colour by itself, with a little help. The tool to fight grey hair is the GR-7 Professional liquid. Its innovative recipe, based on herbal extracts, works actively penetrating the scalp where it significantly increases melanin levels within the hair bulbs. As a result, after a week, the grey temple can be what we remember from the past!

The use of GR-7 Professional by men

Sounds easy? There is a factor that is a bit of a challenge, though. The liquid is applied to the scalp (remember, not to hair) once or twice a day. The thing is, that to increase the effect it is recommended not to wash or dry your hair (for about a week). Stimulants such as coffee, alcohol and tobacco should also be suspended during the initial phase of the treatment.

After about a month of treatment with GR-7 Professional, the first phase will be achieved: restoring grey hair to natural colour. The first effects are visible after a week, which is confirmed by the certified research unit EUROFINS. The speed of screening varies depending on individual factors, such as the thickness of the skin or hair. After a month, the effect of turning greying into the original colour should be satisfactory, and the first stage closed. The second phase is to maintain the effect, then the GR-7 Professional liquid is used only once a week or even less often.

We hope this article has helped you understand greying a bit more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.

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