GR-7 for grey hair. Let’s debunk some myths!

As with many innovative products on the market, some myths have started to form around GR-7 Professional. Therefore, we have collected the most common questions of our clients, as well as specialists from hairdressing salons and trichology clinics – in a short summary we will try to dispel doubts about this product and prove why we think it is the best way to reverse grey hair.

How do I cover up grey hair? Does GR-7 Professional work instantly, like hair dye?

GR-7 Professional is sometimes confused with hair dyes, which dominate the market as recommended for greying hair. In practice, however, both types of products work completely differently: GR-7 Professional is a liquid for grey hair, but it affects the scalp and actively nourishes it. On the other hand, colouring solutions have pigments that dye the surface of the hair, so this is a way to mask grey hair, not to reverse greying, which is guaranteed only by GR-7 Professional. This product does not work immediately because it does not contain pigments that will colour the hair. The aim of GR-7 Professional is to nourish the scalp, stimulate melanin production, and as a result, stop greying and return to the natural colour of hair. This process has a biological basis and a few weeks.

By washing my head, I am slowing down GR-7 Professional treatment, is that true?

Yes, in the first phase of use, the liquid for grey hair must slowly be absorbed through the scalp. Washing and drying your head too often will slow this process down. Therefore, especially in the first phase, i.e. the restoration stage, grey hair should be washed as little as possible – this is one of the disadvantages of this treatment, but it is not insurmountable, taking into account the potential benefits. Don’t worry, after the first phase, which lasts up to 21 days on average, GR-7 Professional is to be applied much less frequently, about once or twice per week. Then you can wash your head as many times as you need. On the manufacturer’s advice, however, it is worth applying the liquid to the grey hair in the evening so that the absorption lasts at least about 8 hours before the next washing of the head.

GR-7 Professional is a men’s product for grey hair

This is another myth. Due to some information on the internet, our customers mistakenly perceive the product for grey hair as a product dedicated to men. In practice, men’s and women’s hair is the same and exactly the same biological mechanisms affect the greying of their hair. However, you shouldn’t start using GR-7 Professional on dyed hair. It is recommended to start the treatment on dyed grey hair when approximately 2 cm of regrowth is obtained. The effectiveness of the treatment will be comparable and sex does not affect the effectiveness of the product.