Grey hair FAQ

Greying is not fun. When first grey hair appears so do many questions.

Is it my fault that my hair has gone grey?

Is it the genes?

Can I do anything to stop it? 

What colouring to use for grey hair?

How to cover up and mask grey hair?

How to hide grey hair?

Is there a reliable treatment for grey hair?

What will cover grey hair?

What shampoo/paint to use for grey hair?

There is one answer to these questions. Start using GR7!

What is GR-7? Is it another shampoo or perhaps a dye?

GR-7 is an elixir that undoes the greying process in a natural way.

How does it happen that the hair colour returns to its natural shade?

When the treatment with the GR-7 Profesional liquid is applied, the active substance and the herb mixture work by diffusion directly on the hair bulb where melanin production is activated. And this leads to direct restoration of the natural colour of our hair. This process takes place gradually. It is not another grey hair colour treatment. Therefore, there is no need to think about how to cover up or hide grey hair, just start using GR-7.

How much time does it take to return to natural colour?

There is no definite answer here. For one person it can be a week and for another 21 days. It all depends on the degree and duration of greyness, as well as the thickness of the hair, its density or thickness of the skin. As we don’t turn grey in 1 day (except in situations of extreme stress) we won’t go back to natural colour in 2 days. This is a process that must take time. The correct use of GR-7 is very important here.

If I am grey on my temples and on top of my head, will the colour come back the same in both places?

The greying process usually begins at the temples and then the process expands to the top or back of the head. Reversing this process is exactly the reverse of greying, i.e. the colour at the top or back of the head can return faster than at the temples.

How is it with this washing of the head when using GR-7?

The process of returning to natural colour takes place in two phases. Phase 1 is the restoring of natural colour.

At this stage, it is recommended to wash your head as rarely as possible. We use the liquid in the morning and evening without washing the head as long as we can. The process of penetration of GR-7 through the skin into the hair bulb depends on the thickness of the skin and hair. If, for example, we lasted 4 days and then washed the head, then after another application of GR7 we repeat the process again and do not wash the head for several days. And we should do so until the end of the process. It is also important to shake the bottle well before each application.

The second phase, when the natural colour returns, we wash the hair every day as many times as we want. It is important to use elixir 1-2 times a week. After application, do not wash your head for about 8 hours, so it is recommended to apply in the evening and wash your head in the morning.

Will the colour immediately return to natural, i.e. if I was blond, would I be using GR-7 immediately?

The colour comes back gradually. In the case of paint, the effect is obtained immediately after application, however, GR-7 works gradually and systematically. After a few days of use, we can see how the colour of our hair gradually changes from grey to slightly smoky or even yellow. It is a sign for you that the liquid works. Then the hair colour gradually changes to natural.

What happens when I stop using GR-7?

If you stop using GR7 after 3-4 weeks, your hair will start greying again.

Can we use paint during application?

One excludes the other. Paint is strong chemistry that destroys the entire GR-7 effect.

How long will one bottle last? Will one natural colour come back after one bottle? How will it return, how long will the bottle in phase 2 last?

There is no unambiguous answer here because everyone can use the product differently, and besides, everyone has a different degree of grey hair. In addition, someone could have been grey for 2 years and someone else for 10. Therefore GR-7 will work differently in each individual case. One thing is certain, even a person who has been grey for 20 years, if he uses GR-7 as recommended, will notice that the product is working with just one bottle.
In the 2nd phase, i.e. while maintaining colour, one bottle can last for up to 2 months or more.

Does the hair length matter when we start using GR-7?

Yes, of course, your hair should have a minimum length of 1-2 cm. Then we will be able to observe the changes.

What can I count on as a regular customer?

As a regular customer, you can count on our support in the form of consulting and favourable product discounts.

Does GR-7 have any other advantages?

Yes of course. We have information from our clients that they got rid of dandruff. The product moisturizes the scalp perfectly.
Is GR-7 safe?

Of course, it is. The product has been approved and, most importantly, it boasts a safety certificate issued by EUROFINS. This certificate authorizes the company to sell the product throughout the EU.
Was GR-7 subject to consumer research?

This study was conducted by an external company. 100% of respondents were satisfied with the product. The study is available at your request.
In what countries is GR-7 available?

Please visit the website – all countries are listed there.