A way to deal with grey hair. GR-7 will restore the natural colour

Grey hair is the curse of our time. And not because it wasn’t there in the past, but because of our high expectations and standards when it comes to our appearance. Grey hair is considered a sign of someone long in the tooth, therefore it can cause complexes, especially when it is premature. Innovation on the market in the form of the GR-7 Professional product will allow you to effectively fight grey hair by restoring natural colour. How can you restore grey hair to a natural colour? We are used to dyeing grey hair – using colouring seems to be averting the crisis of grey hair, but only for some time. It’s like pushing it aside, just like we would treat chronic pain with ibuprofen pills, instead of trying to fix the root causes.  The appearance of grey hair is controlled by the presence of melanin in our bodies. It is largely conditioned genetically, so greying is a hereditary issue. However, our lifestyle also influences the presence of melanin. Nowadays, civilization diseases like stress and addictions kill people in highly developed countries. They also accelerate greying. Fortunately, thanks to modern science, combined with natural treatments, we can influence the presence of melanin in a natural way. The result is the GR-7 Professional liquid. The product, whose recipe is based mostly on herbal extracts, has the advantage that it does not colour the hair artificially from the outside, but penetrates deep into the scalp and works actively there. The effect is increased melanin production, which can be seen when after a week or so the grey hair starts to return to its original colour.

Fully restoring the natural colour to grey hair with the GR-7 Professional product takes roughly a month. Each treatment is different, as the manufacturer informs. We must take into account the thickness of the scalp, the thickness of our hair, the intensity of our natural colour, and the intensity of grey hair. All these factors will affect the time it takes for the effect to take place. This is confirmed by the international research company EUROFINS, which conducted tests on over 20 respondents. GR-7 Professional liquid restores the natural hair colour without allergic reactions or side effects, which is due to its natural ingredients. It is also harmless to the environment, which can not usually be said about the chemicals contained in hair dyes often used for masking grey hair. GR-7 Professional in the first phase of usage is applied once or twice a day, before returning hair to its natural colour. After that first month or so, a maintenance phase follows, during which the agent is applied once a week or even less often, depending on individual needs and preferences. GR-7 Professional can be purchased online, or in some good beauty, hairdressers and trichology salons. It is a safe and extremely effective means to fight grey hair.

We hope this article has helped you understand greying a bit more. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us here.

Eurofins Certification Report

The effectiveness of GR-7 Professional is certified by scientific tests conducted Eurofins Scientific, world leader in bioanalytical tests. Read the full report here.  

Greying hair – a problem that can be solved in a natural way!

Greying hair – a problem that can be solved in a natural way!

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